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Gordon Ramsay
The man whose name is an anagram for 'My Gonads Roar'
9th-Feb-2010 01:40 pm(no subject)
approval *made by candycrack*

this is awesome in so many ways.

bear with it but yes there is a point where you can turn it off lol.
24th-Sep-2009 03:07 pm - Top Chef: Penn & Teller
I LOVE TOP CHEF!  I LOVE PENN & TELLER!  What could be better than putting the two of them together?  Not much.  here is the full run down with some random thoughts over at JoeOnTheTube.com
Another great episode.  I have a full run-down of last night's episode with commentary here. and a very cool interview with Celebrity Chef Tim Love who was on Top Chef Masters and was the guest judge on last night Top Chef episode here.
Potatoes and Thunderbirds.  Another great episode of Top Chef, and we even got an extra 15 minutes.  Full rundown and thoughts here.
28th-Aug-2009 10:33 am - Top Chef: Bachelor/Bachelorette
Another great episode.  I really think that Vegas is the perfect place to make this show.  I love the way they are working it into each episode so far.  Here is my full run-down so as to avoid any spoilers: JoeOnTheTube.
26th-Aug-2009 02:42 pm - Hell'sKitchen "Figs and Fish??"
  Wow, what a shocker last night.  I won't spoil it for those that haven't watched it yet, but here is our full run-down over at JoeOnTheTube.
20th-Sep-2008 01:39 am(no subject)
Logan - fish face

For those of you with out cable you can catch episodes of Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu.com. I've set up rss feeds on lj so you can be notified when the new episodes are added!

2nd-Jul-2008 08:35 pm(no subject)
Logan - fish face
Who's been watching Hell's Kitchen this season?? I was rooting for Corey but she was kicked off last week. Now it's down to Christina and Petrozza. I'm hoping for Petrozza, but mianly because he is from NC. Who are you rooting for?

Kitchen Nightmares should be starting up again soon. Looking forward to that.
24th-Jun-2008 04:25 am(no subject)
halls and oates cat
...Anyone still here? I just saw an episode of the Graham Norton Show with Gordon on BBC America, but it won't let me link to it. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

My favorite quote: "...les pieds énormes... feet, not DICK!"
5th-May-2008 09:58 am - New Gordon Fan!
Qana 4
 Hey! I'm Rhade, a Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares fanatic. I've never seen F-Word before, though. Whenever either show airs, I don't allow myself to miss it. I love Gordon, he's hilarious. I enjoy watching him lose his temper, it cracks me up.

Quote of the moment:
"...That looks like a pile of dog sh**!" -Gordon Ramsay. (That video on the last entry is so funny! X3)
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