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Who's been watching Hell's Kitchen this season?? I was rooting for Corey but she was kicked off last week. Now it's down to Christina and Petrozza. I'm hoping for Petrozza, but mianly because he is from NC. Who are you rooting for?

Kitchen Nightmares should be starting up again soon. Looking forward to that.
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...Anyone still here? I just saw an episode of the Graham Norton Show with Gordon on BBC America, but it won't let me link to it. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

My favorite quote: "...les pieds énormes... feet, not DICK!"
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New Gordon Fan!

 Hey! I'm Rhade, a Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares fanatic. I've never seen F-Word before, though. Whenever either show airs, I don't allow myself to miss it. I love Gordon, he's hilarious. I enjoy watching him lose his temper, it cracks me up.

Quote of the moment:
"...That looks like a pile of dog sh**!" -Gordon Ramsay. (That video on the last entry is so funny! X3)